Akai ASQ10 Service Manual ASQ 10 ASQ Akai ASQ10 Original Factory Service Manual and Schematic Diagrams. Contact us if you don’t see the. Info. asq 10_front. NAME: ASQ TYPE: Sequencer. MANUFACTURER: Akai. YEAR: DAY RATE: WEEKLY RATE: hi – does anyone have or know anyone who has an asq 10 manual? I did DL the MPC manual form , but would.

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This was caused by me incorrectly removing the LCD from its circuit board to install a brand new backlight. Up to 99 sequences, 99 tracks, 60,note capacity, 3. The benefits of this marriage, hopefully, are Linn’s originality, and the renowned Japanese knack for reliability. You are invited to record on track 1 of sequence 1 and, as you can see, they are both currently empty.

I hate to part with it but I really want someone to get it going again and make great music with it.

Note capacity is a quoted 60, which sounds like plenty but you would have to go easy on continuous controllers and aftertouch to approach this. One covers all the sequences and tracks and is known as the ‘master’.

MPCHunter ยป ASQ

I’m sure Roger Linn would have done this himself, but the accountants got him before he was able to. I think it makes things simpler this way too. There are features which are not there on the Akai that really ought to be at this price: Previous article in this issue: It is simply a way of spreading the data load.


Furthermore, tempo can manuao adjusted to a resolution of 0. It has a lot of great features such as two MIDI inputs and four outputs so no merge and splitter boxes manuxl to connect equipment without daisy-chaining.

AKAI ASQ-10 sequencer with manual, MPC-60’s sequencer, ASQ10

Step-time recording can be done in Step Edit mode. The known issues are listed below.

No discs are included. It has some minor nicks and marks. Zsq mode is fairly simple, as it should be, and is just a matter of entering sequences in their correct order to chain them together. See pictures below for more details. Used for many years on hundreds of tracks, synched to my 8 track. The ASQ10 is a very reliable and powerful instrument.

Akai ASQ 10 Sequencer (SOS May 88)

Switch for either V or V Technically great, no akaai, misfiring or sticky buttons, floppy drive is perfect! This is the way it should be! The ASQ was Akai’s first desktop sequencer and it is still amazing. You can actually have two MIDI channels, but playing the same notes. I’m tempted to ask, ‘Why hasn’t anyone thought akwi this before? Its light green look is fading but display words is still visible The backlight is not dead, in other words.


Comes with original power lead. The ASQ 10 stores only note and controller data and channelises it on the way out of the unit. I haven’t counted how many help screens there are, but it seems that for every position you can place the cursor on the display, for any function, there is a context-sensitive help page.

This wasn’t just a drum machine, it could take samples and acted as a pretty sophisticated MIDI sequencer too. This latter feature is a touch unusual to have while recording, but may find a use. Still, even with this slight restriction, 99 tracks ought to be enough. Suppose with the ASQ 10, you had set a loop of two bars. Yes, one for initiating recording, the other for overdubs.