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Connections on the electronics box The additional components of the HFCK are connected to the electronics box. The navigation within the bur is carried out analogue to that of the phonebook. Therefore, do not expose the device to moisture, bury cc9060 manual temperatures or shocks and carefully follow the procedure described in the installation and operating guidelines. To prevent damage from occurring, before using the ISO cable harness, make sure that the assignment is correct. In this case, contact a Bury bury cc9060 manual dealer or our hotline.

Operating Guidelines Operating guidelines 6.

Improper repair efforts can be dangerous for you. Installation bury cc9060 manual the hands-free car kit Step 2: Settings In this menu point, you can configure the HFK through five further submenus.

Using the Number options menu item, you are able to select as to whether the HFCK sends the details of your own number along during bury cc9060 manual outgoing telephone call or not.

Installation of the hands-free car kit. For details about the equipment features please refer to the vehicle documents.

Some mobile phones do not support a radio mute function. First of all, please choose the most convenient position bury cc9060 manual the monitor and the installation pad in your vehi Summary of the content on the page No.


Bury cc9060 manual of the hands-free car kit. This means that all participants bury cc9060 manual talk to each other at the same time. This means that all participants can talk to each other at the same time.

You can then decide whether to accept or decline the call. Example of installation If you select the Calibrate menu, then you will firstly be asked a security question, and a cross will then appear on the display which you should touch.

Please read the operating manual carefully so that you maunal fully enjoy your BURY hands-free car kit.

Please connect this with the separate blue cable, whose black Bury cc9060 manual connector you subsequently plug into connection 2 on the electronics box.

Device | BURY CC Music USER Manual User Manual | Page 35 / 44

Bury cc9060 manual mobile telephones offer the possibility of being able to install and operate a navigation solution. Dial Number Dial number It makes sense to divide telephone numbers in short number blocks of Dial number digits and to say them this way. Operation is bury cc9060 manual to the following two conditions: During a conference, you have the following options 1. In order to avoid the blinding effect especially when cc900 at night, you can activate the Sleep mode.

The Audio switchbox now uses bury cc9060 manual or two loudspeakers in your car for the telephone conversation, even if your radio is switched off. Page 3 Faults Do not commission the device if you detect or assume a defect.

Operating guidelines With the additional bufy items, you can further limit your search for Select artist specific music titles: Delete all The complete number will be deleted. Table of contents Document Outline Introductory information 1. kanual


Establishing A Bluetooth Connection If it is not possible to establish a nury, please check and update the software release firmware of your mobile phone or of the HFCK. Handling via Touch screen All displayed bury cc9060 manual can bury cc9060 manual be operated intuitively via touch-screen and are self explaining. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. In case of general or technical queries, suggestions and comments, please do not hesitate to contact ccc9060 team at any time.


Approvals and declaration of conformity.

Positioning and mounting 5. Thanks to the integrated amplifie- rs in the bury cc9060 manual box, the sound quality is excellent and does not depend on the configuration of your radio. Handling possibilities 15 buru You can also connect the AUX In input of your radio here if you have one using an adaptor available from specialist dealers.

BURY Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC 9060 Operating Manual

The last number block will be deleted. Operating guidelines If the voice control function is active then the corresponding menu ap- pears in the display, or the details of the particular function that bury cc9060 manual been activated.

Conference Mode Introduction The hands-free car kit provides you with the possibility of mer- ging up to seven conversations to create a conference. At each break, the HFCK repeats the number block and waits for the next number block. Voice dial commands Bury cc9060 manual HFK can be operated through the following voice commands. The telephone book data can of course only be seen or changed by you.