Kamus Lengkap Teknik (Inggris-Indonesia) Edisi Revisi has ratings and 25 reviews: Published by Gitamedia Press, pages, Paperback. Kamus Istilah Proyek: memuat lebih dari istilah mencakup proyek MIGAS, arsitektur, mekanikal, elektrikal, elektronik, kimia, dan lanskap. A – KAMUS PSC MIGAS INDONESIA. AAPL —(abbrev.) American Association of Professional Landmen (formerly the American Association of Petroleum.

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Terjemahkan deskripsi ke dalam Indonesia menggunakan Google Terjemahan? Do not worry if you forget the last words just visited.

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Definisi kata ” petroleum “:. Oct 02, Rinaldy Putra rated it it was amazing. A residue high in carbon content and low in hydrogen that is the final product of thermal decomposition in the condensation process in cracking. Apparent consumption Bonded petroleum imports Coke cokes Consumption crude oil Gas Imports Liquefied petroleum gases petroleum supply supplied supplies Supply supplying Supply of petroleum.

Earney, Petroleum and Hard Minerals from the Seaexamines worldwide development of seabed resources with emphasis on offshore petroleum. Silahkan menilai definisi ” petroleum ” yang merupakan yang paling berguna untuk Anda. One acre-foot represents the volume that would cover one acre to a depth of one foot.


Petroleum, Mining, Construction, 4th ed ; B. Fuels derived from petroleum power the engines of automobiles, airplances, ships, tractors, trucks and rockets. As a technical term, petroleum encompasses the liquid crude oilgaseous natural gas and viscous or solid bitumen, asphalt forms of hydrocarbons that occur in the Earth, but the meaning is often restricted to the liquid oil form.


Additional reading Permimyakan H.

Jangan khawatir jika Anda lupa kata-kata terakhir hanya mengunjungi. Bitumen is formed by crude oil that has migrated toward the Earth’s surface and has been stripped of its lighter fractions by descending water.

– petroleum definitions and translations on the English/Indonesia Dictionary

Prospects to the Yearassesses United States domestic reserves, resources and production potential. Dec 17, Linda Farida rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Thermal recovery methods are frequently used to enhance the production of heavy crude oils, whose extraction is impeded by viscous resistance to flow at reservoir temperatures. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You’ll have kamuz to: This product is reported as marketable coke or catalyst coke. Kata ” petroleum ” dapat memiliki fungsi tata bahasa:. Crude oil and natural gas are costly to locate, recover and process, but together they have become the world’s largest energy source, accounting for approximately 60 percent of all energy consumed.

Collections of scientific papers may be found in G. Dec 22, Trinando added it. A series of reservoirs within a common rock structure or a series of reservoirs in separate but neighbouring formations is commonly referred to as an oil or gas field.

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A large-scale geophysical survey may indicate several areas of interest. Gradually the organic matter decomposed into petroleum, which migrated from the original source perminyakzn to more porous and permeable rocks, such as sandstones and siltstones, where it finally became entrapped.

Advertise your Android app Boost your app’s growth with AppBrain’s app promotion platform. Paperbackpages. It contain short definition of each word. Some used to think that the action of ice ages moved soil over great forests of perminyakah vegetation.


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Tandai sebagai tidak pantas. The Law dictionary explains the meaning of law words in English. Aplikasi ini adalah satu-waktu download dengan tidak perlu data selama digunakan. The word petroleum literally “rock oil” from the Latin petra, “rock” or “stone, ” and oleum, “oil” was first used in in a treatise published by the German mineralogist Georg Bauer, known as Georgius Agricola.

For example, a triethylene glycol TEG absorber removes water from a gas stream in a process where wet gas enters at the bottom of the unit, passes through a TEG stream, and exits dry at the top. Jika Anda tanpa sengaja menutup aplikasi bila kemajuan memuat jika tidak selesai, pergi ke: Aplikasi ini secara otomatis menghasilkan sebuah kata baru setiap hari dan dibuat tersedia dalam Firman tab Day. The most common usage refers to the assignment of an oil and gas lease.

A series of ring-shaped hydrocarbons, known as the naphthenes, ranges from volatile liquids such as naphtha to tarry substances such as the asphaltenes, the main constituents of bitumen. Lists with This Book. Use this feature to learn a new word everyday. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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