Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Prince Muhammad Dara ioned. Work No. MAJMA’-UL-BAHRAIN. TEXT AND TRANSLATION. MAJMA’-UL- BAHRAIN OR THE MINGLING OF THE TWO OCEANS BY PRINCE MUHAMMAD . Majma-ul-Bahrain (Hindi: मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’, Urdu: مجمع البحرین , “The Confluence of the Two Seas”) is a book on comparative religion authored by Dara.

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For his life see Browne, Literary History of Persia, vol.

Muslims also believe that the Quran, which is the central religious text of Islam, was revealed to Muhammad by God, and that Muhammad was sent to restore Islam, which they believe to be the unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, ‘Isa, and other Prophets.

He wrote a narrative of what he saw in Calicut which is valuable as information on Calicut’s society and culture. The rich and fertile results of the introduction of Greek thought into the Arabic and the mediaeval western world is in this instance counterbalanced by an entire lack of consequences, and the manma was still-born.

Thirdly, Sarhadd mukt or later salvation, consists in becoming an ‘Arif i. Mulla Shah Muhammad b.

Majma-Ul-Bahrain or The Mingling Of The Two Oceans By Prince Muhammad Dara Shikuh

Foreword to the Fourth Edition The fourth edition of Majma’ul-Bahrain is an evidence of the fact that the spirit of eclecticism, powerfully expressed by Prince Dara Shikuh in this work, is still appreciated by those historians, religious persons and intellectuals who believe in religious harmony. Included are prominent authors who have made studies concerning Islam, the religion and its civilization, and the culture of Muslim peoples. In Islamic Shnr no mention of any other abrogated religions, save Judaism and Chris- tianity, is made ; whereas many other religions have undergone the pro- cess of obliteration and affirmation i.

Learning Sanskrit al-Biruni d. Now, cJiit is possessed of a characteristic, called sat farkarat which is like its leg and, if cut, bahrzin is prevented from running.


The neighbour, the companion and the co -traveller is He, In the rags of beggars and the raiments of kings, is He, In tbe conclave on high and the secret chamber below. The two parts of jl work contain ample bibliographical references. R reads dysu sss: Say 5 fid Shah ‘Ali Riza. Again, thank you very much. We feel that the absence of the glow of true inspiration in the treatise is obvious.

The dialogues have been arranged and edited by one Chiranji Lai and litho- graphed at Delhi in Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Wonderful items and service! Both, according to Jam! On the contrary the purely artificial individual endeavours of an Akbar and a Dara Shikuh to introduce Hindu thought and specula- tion into Persian literature have remained almost completely isolated and sterile.

It is difficult to decide where to begin in this study: He died in A. We shall only know for certain when his whole oeuvre is made accessible to us, and we are grateful to Professor Haq for having made a beginning.

TChere are apparently spurious additions in the text which display Shiite tendencies. Bronze and wood statues, books and apparel. Saints of the various minor orders.


I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping. The Indian monotheists have held that, after a very long stay in Heaven or Hell, the mahd parli or the Great Resurrection, will take place, which fact is also ascertainable from the Holy verse of the Kur’an. Majmx has for iS’ ; 4.

The intimate parts of the human body must, according to Islam, be covered by clothing. Now Professor Mahfuz-ul-Haq comes, in the present publication, with a contribution of singular interest for this subject. Member feedback about Intimate parts in Islam: Professor Haq consulted five Manuscripts of Majma-ul-Bahrain available in different parts of India in preparing the present text.

Ansari died in lOSS A. H has for ; You are well informed of divine mysteries. R omits j sLj; R omits j j ; A adds yt before ; Con- sequently, the Holy verse,: His conclusion is interesting as it gives us an insight into his mental attitude. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. Yunus, a well-known mystic, was born at Tustar al- Ahwazin A.


Majma-ul-Bahrain | Revolvy

makma D, He is celebrated as a mystic and the author of some fourteen works on Sufism, of which only five are said to be extant. This is the context of Majma’-ul-Bahrai, in which a philosophical approach to the necessity of religious harmony is majja. Moreover, as he remarks on p. Of late a new school has arisen which is well-exemplified by its forerunner James Varieties of religious Experienceand latterly by Otto Das Heilige and Die Religi-onena school which relegates history, and philosophy to the background to concentrate in the first place on the religious experience itself.

Bahauddin died in A.

His is rather a comparative study of Hinduism and Islam with an attempt to point out the various points on which they meet. Rudawlawi gives us the following particulars regarding the copy: He led the life of an ascetic and died in A.

I have named the MS. Library copy writes that tour maja, [I. Dara Shikuh appreciated the arts, and he was himself a calligrapher.

मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’ (समुद्र संगम:) -Majma Ul Bahrain

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is considered holy to the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It’s my third order and i’m very pleased with you. In India, likewise, Hinduism and Islam have remained oil and water, though a subtle influence has perhaps been exercised upon later Islamic mysticism and magic by the surrounding Hindu atmos- phere.