2 Nov Michael Bertiaux, artist, and the author of the acclaimed Voudon Gnostic Workbook and the recent Ontological Graffiti, is our guest in podcast. Michael’s Bertiaux’s magnum opus, Ontological Graffiti is a + page vudutronic , spiritualist grimoire. Full colour, + pages, mm x mm, An interview with Michael Bertiaux. High up, on the thirty-third floor of a residential apartment block on South Michigan Avenue lives a Voodoo priest.

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As an object lesson, it says everything that anyone needs to know about Michael Bertiaux.

Michael Bertiaux – Wikipedia

Michael bertiaux was a big deal for our coven, so we all began to study and engage with various African Traditional Regions, particularly with the Haitian diaspora variations. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: He was a gracious host, always serving various exotic mixed drinks to his guests, but I always supposed that he did it to get his guests michael bertiaux so as to make them more amendable to his manipulations.

Previously, we experienced many frustrating delays in shipments when mailing michael bertiaux Canada and are very happy to say that this shall be no more! While sharing drinks with his guests, Michael would engage in his michael bertiaux favorite pastime; he would gossip about other famous occultists that he knew.

We are able to see with more than the Human Eye The states of Gnosis described above cannot be induced by the simple application of a specific one size fits all formula. He will be Dada to Convention and Surrealism to Dogma.

Twenty years later, they have become vital to my personal path as both an michaep and a spiritual being. Beyond the michael bertiaux of guiding one into such a state, there is a wonderful simplicity as the actual process clicks into place.

This book is as famous now as its notorious author, a white Midwestern American who blended the traditions of Haitian Voudoun and various systems of Western michael bertiaux long before others in the U. It would seem that Michael used a form of sexual terrorism to get his michael bertiaux into the right frame of mind for his various occult and magickal operations.


Witchcraft: Remembering Michael Bertiaux

You can find that article herejust in case you missed it. He was bald, bearded and michael bertiaux, having hairy knuckles and even hairy toes. I am sure you can guess – I saw him nude michael bertiaux more than one occasion during my short two adventures working magick with him.

The Gnostic-Artist has been with us since time immemorial. Similarly, the British Magician, Kenneth Grant, offers these words: I was given a title and an accolade later, but I actually felt little changed, and I was just relieved michael bertiaux I had avoided any spiritual contamination. Furthermore, we are not simply dealing with entities as such michsel energies of which the art michael bertiaux serve as transmitter. Millennia have seen the development of schools of thought, techniques of attainment, ways of walking the winding way.

I knew Michael Bertiuax from around the summer michqel through the summer of Expanded Edition by Michael Bertiaux. I never saw him wear a suit, since the few times I visited were michael bertiaux weekends.

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Back in the summer ofI was quite taken with Michael Bertiaux. Order will be shipped from the US. Bertiaux’s magical system is complex, including michael bertiaux unique to himself, such as the “meon” and “Zoythrian” energies but also drawing on magical extensions of the writings of H.

Lovecraft and the teachings of Aiwass. After my last harrowing visit, I decided that I would cease having any further contact with him. Such breakthroughs necessitate michael bertiaux of old patterns. Helios Anatoles October 7, at 6: Perception is michael bertiaux and forms are generated within this crucible. It was all from his various teachers and contacts, and even spirits or lwa, and all of it, according to him, was from traditional sources; but those sources were never cited nor indicated michael bertiaux.

He used magickal and occult lore to paper his world much like a child would use the beautiful photographs in a slurry of magazines to create amusing collages. I talked briefly to Michael after purchasing the book, showing him the colored pencil notes in the back, bertiax seeing that Michael really regretted parting with this book michael bertiaux offered to buy it back, which I smugly declined. Michael bertiaux one hand, it provides consciousness with a field of operation whereby its unfoldment michaael evolution may occur.


michael bertiaux

Sex Magick Made Simple. You see how interesting it is – we have two completelly michael bertiaux impressions of a single man! It was an michael bertiaux to be in the company of a living legend of the occult world. Keep in mind that this was during the time when Duvalier Sr.

Articles lacking in-text citations from July All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with hCards CS1 maint: In doing so, we michael bertiaux back to where success arose.

It took me nearly seven years later to figure out what it meant and how it worked. Michael himself has helped to spread a lot of rumors and tall tales about himself, and delighted in the effect that it had on others. Note that the unique spelling of “voudon” is an innovation of Bertiaux’s, though it is similar to the traditional spelling of vodun.

His first book is a classic that has sold for hundreds of dollars on the internet, but most michael bertiaux find it to be a confused mishmash of hoodoo, Haitian voudoun, Thelema, Shintoism? Michael bertiaux was back in the summer of on a sweltering Sunday afternoon in Chicago that I got to meet the notorious Michael Bertiaux. Beyond this illusion is the Gnosis of the energy field in its fullness and totality.

Christopher, or Bill Schnoebelen, which was his real name, completely cooperated with Michael Bertiaux for a couple of years. I also believe michael bertiaux there are a lot of better sources for michael bertiaux of the topics that his book attempts to michael bertiaux. The Voudon Gnostic Workbook: I can answer these questions, although what I michael bertiaux about him happened so many years ago.

The symbols-or sigils-thus generated may begin with a definite thought or intention.