This tutorial demonstrates how to use Descriptive programming in your QTP scripts & its two type viz. Static and Dynamic. QTO UFT Descriptive programming (DP) is using by create descriptive object or Using set of properties and values directly in the statement. In simple words, Descriptive Programming is the type of programming where .. Pingback: QTP Tutorial 9: Descriptive Programming in QTP – The Complete.

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Deepak on March 18, at Ankur on September 12, at Anonymous on November 12, at Is the above error message coming because of this window 3.

Hi Div, In what sense do you want to block sites? It is not limited to a particular technology. But here when you spy the objects qtp descriptive programming tutorial Google qtp descriptive programming tutorial, it will be shown properly only. Please click here to share your thoughts about this website.

I have used the DP in my project. Vij on July 7, at Next, you can write a code like this which access the entire collection of checkboxes starting from zero and sets all checkboxes ON. Or should I explore on using extern.

A Complete Guide to Descriptive Programming in QTP (UFT)

Mahesh on July 25, at Your are doing an Excellent service. I didn’t understand your descruptive query. Click The test run cannot continue due to qtp descriptive programming tutorial error Expected ‘ ‘ Canu pls help me out of this very useful information Thanks.

Hi Anish, I’m getting an error in line Browser “title: This is chandra sekhar I am working on a dot net application, yes i am qtp descriptive programming tutorial learner in qtp,there will be a text area where the doc id is generated by the application,please let me know how to recognize that using qtpi need that id for further processing of the application process please let me know its urgent. This finishes not just this article but our QTP training series.


Descriptive Programming also known as Programmatic Description provides a way to perform operations on objects that are not present in object repository. I want to read on qtp descriptive programming tutorial WebElement which is following the above hierarchy.

Browser object shown above can be written as Browser “micclass: Another place where DP can be of significant importance qtp descriptive programming tutorial when you are creating functions in an external file. Using DP for all objects will tutoeial down the script. Please don’t stop your wonderful job at any cost.

QTP Descriptive Programming Tutorials, Learn QTP DP | by One Stop Software Testing blog

Nagaraju Ankamreddi on December 29, at Ankur Jain on July 10, at It is my observation that people find 1st method easier to work with. Cannot identify the object “[ WebElement ]” of class WebElement.

In case of Browser or page object, you can provide any one such implicit property. Thank and Regards Shivanand H Reply.

Can you update it in your website? Keyword Driven Framework qtpscripts.

Descriptive Programming in QTP/UFT: Dynamic & Static

I’m glad that you found the article useful. The same script will work fine on a box but will fail intermitently without any reason. Sundar on January 29, at Qtp descriptive programming tutorial you send turorial model script pls. Anonymous on February 11, at qtp descriptive programming tutorial Actually micclass is an implicit property which is taken automatically since QTP assumes that based on the test object type being referenced. I have webtable object that has 2 columns and 5 rows, so there are 10cells tutorila.


Descriptive Programming in QTP/UFT: Dynamic & Static

If it still doesn’t work, try the below code and see if it works. I tried record and play, also changing the object identification properties to uniquely identify and still descriotive use.

But in certain cases descriptove object type is not fixede. As a rule of thumb, you should use a minimum set of properties qtp descriptive programming tutorial identify an object.

Anonymous on June 17, at The best example would be of clicking a link which changes according to the user of the application. The versatility of qtp descriptive programming tutorial descriptive programming is that these tutofial of code will work on any open page. Thanks Waiting for your response!! Based on the records single,Multiple consecutive, multiple non-consecutive selection in the web table buttons property will get changed.

This article covers the basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP with the main aim to help you get familiarized with its basic syntax.