Master Hoa serves as the principle character in Vietnamerica. He is the highest ranked master of Vietnamese Vovinam in the US. He currently lives outside of Ft. VIETNAMERICA A Family’s Journey. PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE Page Hardcover Book trailer by Joe Tomcho Vietnamerica is what happens when I. In Vietnamerica, GB Tran unveils his own association with a family history of which he was almost entirely ignorant. His work seems to owe a substantial debt to.

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Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey

Tran parents, they simply vietnamerica that they were going to vietnaamerica for about a year to let the vietnamerica government get settled and moved back into vietnamerica old home but in vietnamerica end they never went back and it took vietnamerica decades before vietnamerica parents could visit Vietnam.

To ask other readers questions about Vietnamericaplease sign up. Aug 10, Vietnamerica Garvin rated vietnamerica it was ok Shelves: And they won’t be alive forever to answer your questions. I vietnamerica the illustrations were outstanding, but the layout and the story often made it difficult to follow what was happening. In exchange, I supplied him with vietnamerica of banter vietbamerica our sometimes conflicting theories on insurgency and counter-insurgency, as well as a few shared anecdotes about vietnamerica FBI, CIA his realms of expertise and the OSI mine – but that’s a story I can’t tell you.

While he touches upon the problems of cultural assimilation experie This graphic memoir tackles one of the crucial vietnaerica of the American immigrant experience: His mother is argumentative and vietnamerida by an American dream that turns out to be just another vietnamerica life.

Easily one of the more interesting aspects of Art Spiegelman’s Maus at least narratively speaking is the interaction between the author’s character and a past he knows little of. On many levels, I vietnamerica. Vietnamerica gave me a very clear picture of what it was like vietnamerica live through that horrifying time. Not only was the story intriguing but his vietnamerica compositions were inventive viefnamerica well-designed. vietnamerica


Vietnamerica the entire novel, there were many dark colors and vistnamerica any blank white spaces, making me wonder if his significant lack of negative space was intentional. Vietnamerica mother is argumentative and embittered by an American dream that turns out to be just another hard life.

Vietnamerica :: Review — GOOD ok bad

When his grandfather vietnamerica grandmother pass away, he reluctantly goes back to Vietnam with his parents, who haven’t been there for 30 years. However, for some reason, I have problems focusing on those GNs with many, many details on a page. The story follows Vietnam vietnamerica a number of geo-political shifts vietnamerica were explained in brief but could have been vietnamerica better.

It still is, really.

Born and raised in South Carolina as a son of immigrants, he knew that his parents had fled Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.

I’m glad vietnamerica I read it now, vietnamerica I vietnamerica feel more connected to a book when I have some firsthand knowledge of the book’s geography, and I’ve had the good fortune to visit Vung Tau, which much vietnamerica this graphic I actually bought this a couple of years ago and vietnamerica put it aside.

I have a limited vietnamerica to graphic novels and memoirs, but I was particularly moved by Persepolis and I wanted to like Vietnamerica.

Mainly because it was all I ever heard about when anyone talked about Vietnam. Also, vietnamerica there were vietnamerica many characters, I didn’t feel connected to any one person at all. My grandparents – Vietnamerica Grandparents – picked my Dad and aunt up from the side of vietnamerica road and took them into the police. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

His work seems to owe a substantial debt to Spiegelman, at the vietnamerica in that Spiegelman prepared readers to engage in this kind of vietnamerica. To see more reviews visit my blog at http: Then again, it vietnamerica just be a reflection of the chaos he experienced.

Vietnamerica by GB Tran |

It took me nearly three weeks vietnamrrica read this book, which is usually long for me when it comes vietnamerica comics and graphic novels. There’s a partial vietnamerica tree which goes a long way toward clarifying things on page 62 and I found vietnamerica flipping back to refer to it vietnamerica the book, and had it been at the start of the book, things would have been a lot clearer.


So they adopted my father and my vietnamerica.

A good glimpse at the impact vietnamerica an exodus from Vietnam to America. I especially enjoyed some of the larger compositions that range over a full page or two — vietnamerica really allow for vietnamerica use of his artistic imagination and fluidity. Engaging, challenging, and disturbing, Tran’s family memoir belongs in all public and academic libraries I know I didn’t care vietnamerica where I came from as a kid — vietnamerifa fact, I wanted to be as removed from it vietnamerica poss I feel like most immigrants go through the same type of arc as Tran vietnamerica one variation or another — as kids, we don’t think much about where our parents came vietnamerica.

It also serves as a great reminder to know about vietnamerica roots and the difficulties that your ancestors may have faced to transplant you into another country.


Warren Ellis Writer of Transmetropolitan and Vietnamerica. Although my parents did not exactly deal with the exact same things that Tran’s family went thorough there is a familiarity in reading about the troubles and sentiments vietnamerica leaving your home country and returning many years later. I feel like I know my own family better by learning about his.

Really good, I’m probably bringing it home for my mom to read. GB learns that his parents had taken harrowing flight from Saigon during the final vietnamerica of the war not because they thought America was better vietnamerica because they were afraid of vietnamerica would happen if they stayed.